The Best Eye Makeup Trends of 2022

The Best Eye Makeup Trends of 2022

If you are looking for the best trends in makeup this spring and beyond, we have got you covered, whether you are into a daring shade of eyeshadow or minimalist bronzing. Whether you prefer a natural look, or something shiny and bold, there is a beauty trend of 2022 that has something in store for every beauty fan on every end of the spectrum. From euphoria-inspired gems in your eyes to Y2K beauty revival, the trends for makeup in 2022 are completely changing the game.

Fall beauty usually features darker, dramatic, moodier shades, and according to top industry makeup artists, this season’s Fall 2022 beauty trends to dominate are much less expected. As we move into warmer weather, we are also looking for a more natural, summer-forward makeup look.

Minimal makeup and a natural texture on the skin are this year’s top beauty trends. The soft glam look is easier to do and takes less time. There is not a lot of contouring and highlights to do; hence, beginners can also do it easily.

Create this look yourself by applying eyeshadow in a reversed direction on the inner corners of your eyes. Start by prepping your eyelids with a clear eyeshadow primer that is either transparent or near your natural skin colour. You can also put on coloured contact lenses to add that soft glam. MesmerEyez Coloured Contact Lenses are great to up your everyday look. For fancier and spooky makeup, you can check out MesmerEyez Halloween Contact Lenses to go a little bit extra that day. Perfect the look with a brown-mauve lipliner and a clear gloss.

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Red lipsticks that have blue undertones look great on all skin colours, and if you are looking to achieve a shiny finish, just put a bit of clear gloss over the top. You can also use a multi-tasker product for eyes and lips that can help you to step up your makeup game.

Neon eyeliners have also been very popular this year. It feels like an entire makeup look in itself, without the need to mix eyeshadow. Even if it brings back memories from the 90s, the dark lipliner is once again becoming one of the favourites.

The cream eyeshadows have begun to catch up with the powders to some extent. These silky long-wearing eyeshadows are resistant to creasing so that you can wear that bold, blue look all day.

If you are looking to get a more avant-garde look with your makeup, you have to give the daring eyebrow trend a shot. You can make this makeup look using a few black/brown shadows, an eyebrow pencil, and a fine brush to make your eyebrows.

If you are not ready for bedazzled eyes, try starting out by making small changes to how you do your eye makeup. If you are looking to have a lip that makes a bigger statement than just your eyes, then it’s time to focus on something more than just a normal lip gloss. Beyond the statement eye, it is a season for accentuating your favourite features. After all, this year’s beauty trends are all about showing your personality.

This fall, expect to see looks that dramatically downplay the makeup on the face and eyes, leaving the lipsticks to steal the show. You can expect to see eye makeup dial down in favour of more subtle, ethereal looks. We have seen a burst of experimental makeup trends, from graphic liner and unusual shades of eye shadow to shiny lip colour from Y2K to a swoony eyebrow from XXL, but these looks are going to get refined, dismantled, and customised over the coming months. That means perfect eyebrows, duotone shadows, and fresh takes on the cat-eye look.

Simply put, this is about embracing luminous, natural looks, so be prepared to let the shine show up on you this year. The Glow trend is about creating natural, luminous looks that cause the skin to glisten. While people are gearing up for the summer season and debating whether it is worth carrying a rain umbrella everywhere, the look for the season is resonating with the desire to play around with your makeup and embrace a more carefree mood.

The reflective, frosted look is another nod to the Y2K makeup, and it pairs perfectly with dewy, fresh skin. Whether you go for nude lips, which celeb makeup artists say will never go out of style, or are looking for something with a little extra colour, succulent, moist, glass-like lips are all the rage these days.

If you are looking to stick with the clean-girl aesthetic of makeup, then a cream blush or a liquid highlighter is the best choice. Instead of using contour kits and smokey eyeshadows, pick up a little liquid blush and a few bouncy makeup brushes to blend all the shades well. Applying a blusher and a cream contour after the foundation sets can help to achieve a glow that is a bit more natural-looking.

All in all, there is no one way of doing it right when it comes to makeup. Go for the look that makes you feel most confident and ready to take on any challenges that come your way.

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